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Bart! Doh.

2016-04-07 12:28:19 by omithealien

Well Alicemako is a follower allright.


1991 video game voice acting

2016-04-06 22:16:23 by omithealien

Well i am looking for voice acting for 1991 video game

Would anyone be interested?


2016-04-06 21:51:42 by omithealien

I got blocked by Alice Mako.

Homer: Bart! Doh.

we need help to make music

2016-04-06 19:59:33 by omithealien

Well looks like we need help to make music for my game.

But ask me to help me to make music with gamerraven.


2016-04-01 09:47:51 by omithealien

hahahahaha! April fools everyone.

Game Theory: Does larry goose gets eaten by Purple Death?

2016-03-18 19:53:33 by omithealien

I thought larry goose might get devoured after the final boss was defeated.

Once the Novel will be released in 9/14/1991.

I am not a PSA anymore

2016-03-10 23:08:13 by omithealien

I really sorry for stealling art without permission.

Once I am not a PSA anymore.

That's all folks

2016-03-10 18:18:44 by omithealien

Well i saw that's all folks on porky pig's vehicle.