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2 New storyboard intestifies

2016-11-06 18:37:18 by omithealien

Yeah 2 new storyboards are here. Uh-oh looks like fierce is going to devour tita gasman.

Fierce The Bandit belongs to fiercethebandit.


2016-11-06 11:57:02 by omithealien

Doh, Doh, DOH!

FierceTheBandit and Boxheadpaint got blocked on Tumblr.

I want to be friends and be nice to her.

At last but in the beginning of Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan saga (1996), Eon Lord has a new plan to save the titan saga but eon lord and eonnous minions had failed to save the titan saga because space godzilla badly destroys Eon lord's ship and then eon lord's ship has been crashed into north titan. Ok So here's the new Legendary godzilla roar for fierce the bandit and Fierce's orgin hint.

Here's another new Legendary Destroyah roar roar for dark fierce.

Last but not least new legendary space godzilla roar for Space Fierce The Bandit.

Be sure to comment.


Yep Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan Saga (1996) Teaser Trailer is about to release.

But This short film will be accompained shortly which is called Madness PWND by car (1996 short film).

So keep it up folks, Keep it up.

Ta-da! I made a script for Edy's ice cream: Fierce The Bandit vs The Titan saga (1996) promotional commercial.

Film project has started

2016-10-19 18:04:26 by omithealien

Well gothamB started working on the project.

And now but it needs to make a poster for the film.

Our Hero Tom Fulp

2016-10-14 20:51:39 by omithealien

Well Tom Fulp is the Hero of NewGrounds.

That's right he is the hero of Newgrounds.

Are those artists or animators ready?

2016-10-14 20:44:16 by omithealien

Ok the artists or animators are ready to start to make a Film and Trailers.

Artists or animators

1. GothamB

2. Celshaded

3. Cobra6000

That look's good.

This animation details is getting much like Godzilla: The series.

Comment me if you can.

First podcast is here

2016-10-09 15:05:04 by omithealien

Yay first teaser podcast released!

Now you must listen. But this film will release.

Be sure to commnent.

Well i am making 1996 madness short film.

So comment me if you can.