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OST coming in 1996

2016-08-11 11:01:13 by omithealien

Well Calicrazedbeats is still making an OST for 1996 film which is inspired by GODZILLA (2014), Spiderman (1994 TV series), Mother 3, and Descent II: The Infinite Abyss, 1990s StarTrek, and 1990s scooby dooby doo.

Also these sounds are inspired.

Dark Fierce's roar is inspired by Perfect Destroyah Roar.

Anti-human's roar, and Fierce The Bandit's roar is inspired by 1995 Godzilla's roar.

Space Fierce's Roar is inspired by Space Godzilla's roar

Dead Heart the chestburster's roar and Razor the chestburster's roar is inspired by baby godzilla's roar

These sounds are inspired by Alien Homind sound effects


Still working together

2016-08-09 21:37:25 by omithealien

Yeah They're still working together for the upcomming 1996 film. But the teaser trailer will be released.

Be sure to comment. So that NewGrounds city would be based on new york city.

Ok i think this film is coming in 1996.

Here's the Brand new OST FTBVSTTS (1996) OST By Calicrazedbeats.

This Teaser Trailer will be released in 1996.

I made a safety patrol

2016-08-07 00:44:52 by omithealien

Yay i made a safety patrol. I did it.

I made this transcript for 1996 film

2016-08-06 13:34:53 by omithealien

At last i made this.

And this one's for teaser trailer.


2016-07-14 10:40:27 by omithealien

Now i am a scout now.

Because i just blam lots projects.

So im on level 10.

Take that you fucking Tita gasman.


Ha tita gasman got cornnered now Let's trap him.

Gotcha! Bitch.

Now let's finnish him off now!



hahaha we destroyed the titan saga.

Well we should kill tim the flazo.

Yes prepare to kill tim the flazo.

Yay it's my birthday

2016-07-09 11:21:30 by omithealien

Hooray it's my birthday. I am 18 years old now. I really enjoyed my birthday.

YES I on level 9

2016-06-24 09:31:19 by omithealien

Yay im on level 9.

I think Cosmic Hiest is coming to 2017. I can't believe it because i was very happy at all.