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That switch collab did'nt made that :( But i am still making a 1997 short film called Too many Kirbies.

My transcript is almost finnished :D

Finally my transcript is still in progress. I hope that my animation will be done with macromedia flash MX :D.

i made kirby voice actor!!!

But there voice actors of Too Many Kirbies (1997) the first collab.

Kirby/Waddle dee - omithealien

Raven/King Dedede - GamerRaven

Gryzor - Fransisco the sean Boynton's friend

Cloning machine - Joey B.

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Awww... man

2017-11-06 12:13:48 by omithealien

Kirby likes Trains got blamed :(

I did it but I love kirbies! My collab entry was under judgement.

Finally i am ready for the switch collab (1998).

So i am helping out with @GamerRaven and other animators.

So right now i am making my first Switch collab entry.

I made a transcript for my First switch collab entry.

Inspired by kirby star allies.


At last that 1997 trailer called too many kirbies VHS and Blu-ray trailer. So this trailer would be uploaded on Youtube.

Newly updated version of Too many kirbies (1997) Plot coming soon.

And new transcript coming soon.

This is my first animation collab, Too many Kirbies (1997) which is coming to VHS, Blu-ray, and newgrounds in 1997.


In this animation which is where King dedede invented the brand new machine called, Clone-o-tron 5000 but suddenly king dedede's cloning machine went wrong and starts to duplicate kirbies. King dedede went and outrage and then he tried to shut down the cloning machine but the cloning machine goes insane and then the cloning machine starts to clone kirbies rapidly. King Dedede gets mad for few seconds and then King Dedede rage quits after the cloning mahcine goes insane and starts to clone kirbies rapidly. Meanwhile in Babcock Rainforest which is where Gryzor was slept in his den for thousands of years. King dedede calls Gryzor telepathically while gryzor is sleeping in his den. When Gryzor wakes up in his den, Gryzor gets out from the hibernating sac and then Gryzor roared out of sight and then Gryzor begins to teleport to King dedede's castle immediately which is where king dedede is calling for help. The Cloning machine continues to clone kirbies rapidly but suddenly overheated and getting more insane and then the cloning machine spins around faster and fasterand jumps into the air and goes down into the throne room and then the cloning machine is getting more insane and then the cloning machine fires cloned kirbies from being cloned too many. Grieziel, Dark Fierce, and Gryzor had arrived to king dedede's castle to shut down the cloning machine but dark fierce accidentally enters the cloning mahcine and then the cloning machine begins to clone those dark fierces and then the cloning machine says, "ERROR! DARK FIERCE'S clones are hijacking the cloning machine and then create OVER 9000 DARK FIERCE's CLONES!!" And finally, the cloning machine goes outrage but extremely overheated and overloaded as the dark fierce's clones had started to cause the wreck havoc in king dedede's castle and then the waddle dees were abducted by Dark fierce's clones by taking waddle dees to the dark world. King dedede was in peril because the clones are causing the wreck havoc in king dedede's castle but Gryzor and Grieziel begins to fight off kirby clones by smashing the cloning machine but Dark fierce helped out to fight off kirby's clones by hitting the cloning machine and then the cloning machine was malfunctioned and overloaded and the another cloning machine was created as the first cloning machine was exploded into piecies. King dedede was very happy and cheered to Gryzor, Dark Fierce, and Grieziel. Gryzor and Grieziel had thanked to King dedede and then Gryzor and Grieziel had forced to get back home. As the king dedede sat on his chair but king dedede saw the second cloning machine and he stares at dark fierce's clones and then Dark fierce's clones said, "Hey you king dedede. I am going to abduct you." And finally king dedede rage quits and king dedede gets abducted by dark fierce's clones by taking to the dark world. At the end, the message said Pwn'd by clones.