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omithealien's News

Posted by omithealien - August 29th, 2016

Well he is the founder of newgrounds, newgrounds city.

Because that newgrounds city is based on New York City.


Posted by omithealien - August 26th, 2016

Well we just teamed up with calicrazedbeats and i am still making music for the film.

Be sure to comment.

Posted by omithealien - August 22nd, 2016

Oh my Godness! Well sound pack is finally here.

Because calicrazedbeats is working together to make a film.

Stay tuned.

be sure to comment.

Posted by omithealien - August 21st, 2016

1. Anti-human's roar/Fierce The Bandit's roar/Fierce's Origin hint's roar "Burning Godzilla's roar"

2. Space Fierce's roar "Space Godzilla's roar"

3. Dark Fierce's Roar "IDestroyah's roar"

4. Chestburster's roar (A.K.A Juvenile anti-human's roar) "Baby Godzilla's roar"

5. Anti-human hiss "Crocodile hiss"

6. 1990s Automobile noises

7. Alien Homind SFX

Posted by omithealien - August 20th, 2016

Ok there is one crazy alien named Fierce The Bandit that he would invade North titan and then destroy the titan saga by devouring tita gasman. Once Fierce would win by destroying the titan saga.

Well this film would release in 1996.

Posted by omithealien - August 17th, 2016

Hey the clock crews are here.

Posted by omithealien - August 16th, 2016

Yep Calicrazedbeats is still making an OST for FTBVSTTS (1996)

look's like they are still working together.

Well this OST will be Released.

Posted by omithealien - August 14th, 2016

Fierce The Bandit/Dark Fierce/Space Fierce The Bandit/Xenon/Korusan's lizard friend - Freakinbehemoth

Tita gasman/Unnamed Wal-mart semi-trailer driver #1 - Donald Trump

Tom Fulp - Tom Fulp

Eon Lord/ReFresh/Unnamed male Tita gasman's species #1/Korusan - Crisrosewood

Tita gasman's species - Various voice actors

Eonous minions - Various voice actors

Fierce's Origin hint/Fierce's origin hint's shadow - Psychopath

Nina/Crazy stella/Xeon/Cythera - Hikari

Pxl Cobit - PxlCobit


Posted by omithealien - August 11th, 2016

Well Calicrazedbeats is still making an OST for 1996 film which is inspired by GODZILLA (2014), Spiderman (1994 TV series), Mother 3, and Descent II: The Infinite Abyss, 1990s StarTrek, and 1990s scooby dooby doo.

Also these sounds are inspired.

Dark Fierce's roar is inspired by Perfect Destroyah Roar.


Anti-human's roar, and Fierce The Bandit's roar is inspired by 1995 Godzilla's roar.


Space Fierce's Roar is inspired by Space Godzilla's roar


Dead Heart the chestburster's roar and Razor the chestburster's roar is inspired by baby godzilla's roar


These sounds are inspired by Alien Homind sound effects



Posted by omithealien - August 9th, 2016

Yeah They're still working together for the upcomming 1996 film. But the teaser trailer will be released.

Be sure to comment. So that NewGrounds city would be based on new york city.