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UTGOTO film score soundtrack list

Posted by omithealien - 1 month ago

These songs are some kind of 1990s and 2000 goa trance music and 1990s and 2000 goa ambient music or inspired by Ecco (Sega CD, 1993)/Ecco II: Tides of time (Sega CD, 1994)/Ecco defender of the future (Dreamcast, 2000)

  1. The birth of Ursula the sea dragon - Cheshyre
  2. Ediacaran period - Coolbreeze88
  3. Paleozoic Oceans - Coolbreeze88
  4. Permian dragon's theme - Cheshyre
  5. End of Permian arrives (inspired by the main theme of Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II) - Cheshyre
  6. The Age of marine dinosaurus - Cheshyre
  7. The end of mezoic period - Cheshyre
  8. The seas of ice age (The Leviathan) - Coolbreeze88
  9. Ursula the sea dragon's theme (Heavily inspired by Ecco the dolphin main theme (sega CD version)
  10. Aloo in peril - Cheshyre
  11. Through the great barrier reef - Coolbreeze88
  12. into The Temple of Mu - Cheshyre
  13. Manda's theme - Cheshyre
  14. The new adventure (Ursula the manda travels to Atlantis) - Cheshyre
  15. The Day before (Reused for Larry goose's pearl harbor scenes and intermission scenes. Also reused for the 1st half malice boomer discovers the DNA of Rahinosaurus anti-human scene.) - Cheshyre
  16. Bart Simpson attacks - Cheshyre
  17. Atlantis -Taucher (Dangers of the Deep scene)
  18. Nuclear Mutation (Reused for Malice Boomer's Laboratory scenes and the second half of Malice boomer
  19. discovers the DNA of Rahinosaurus anti-human scene) - Cheshyre
  20. Science of the seas (Rahinosaurus anti-human blood comparison segment and other science facts segments) - Coolbreeze88
  21. Atlantean journey (pre- May 30th, 1993) - Coolbreeze88
  22. Atlantean castle - Coolbreeze88
  23. Honor among sea dragon - Cheshyre
  24. After the honor of the sea dragon - Coolbreeze88
  25. Festival of the sea dragon - Cheshyre
  26. The Ones you love - Rick astley
  27. The summoning of Primal kyogyre/Primal kygore sets off to Atlantis - cheshyre
  28. The sea of dreams (Used for first half of Ursula's dream) - Coolbreeze88
  29. Dark Ursula the sea dragon's theme/Fierce's Origin's theme - Cheshyre
  30. Definance for Madness - Ernestogod (reused when the Battle for Ursula's dream begins.)
  31. Mechagodzilla's theme (Heisei version) - Cheshyre
  32. Black dragon Kaiju vs Mechagodzilla - Cheshyre
  33. Clown song of death - Cheshyre (reused for the second half of Battle for Ursula's dream.)
  34. Abduction - eat static (Used for the second half of Ursula's dream)
  35. The reef of dreams - Coolbreeze88
  36. Eclipse's theme - Coolbreeze88
  37. Ursula's plan - Cheshyre
  38. Dimentia's throne room/Dimentia's theme - Cheshyre
  39. Meanwhile in the remote secret planet - Coolbreeze88
  40. Primal kyogre arrives to Atlantis/Journey to the pacific ocean - Cheshyre
  41. Jump they say - David Bowie
  42. Resting in the Pacific Ocean/Inside kratos' body - Coolbreeze88
  43. Kratos' theme - Cheshyre
  44. Bandatos' theme - Cheshyre
  45. Hydrogen searches for Ursula the sea dragon - Cheshyre
  46. Taro the feral boy of the Kanto safari zone - Coolbreeze88
  47. Ether Ocean (A.K.A Brinaria's theme) - Coolbreeze88