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Madness: accidental Nuked (1998 short film) coming soon

2017-01-19 12:53:54 by omithealien

Ok Madness: accidental nuked (1998 short film) is coming soon but ZHRN01: The Criminal virus will be in theaters with Madness: accidental nuked which is coming to theaters everywhere in 1998 (Plus 19 years).

Good luck for that.

By the way that the second poster has been released on newgrounds website but this poster will release to theaters everywhere.

Here's The second poster for ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998)


Ooohh... redman has a roars of cretaceous king ghidorah.

Well this music should be used for ZHRN01: The Criminal virus (1998) Teaser trailer.

This song is a Hardcore heavy metal version of Invader zim theme. So hear this.


New storyboard Intestifies

2017-01-16 14:51:41 by omithealien

Yes! I made a new storyboard for ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998) Teaser trailer.

I hope you like this storyboard.

Ta-Da! I made a Transcript for ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998) Teaser Trailer Transcript.

ZHRN01: The criminal virus teaser trailer is going to release

2017-01-12 21:07:47 by omithealien

Oh yeah teaser trailer coming soon. So let's work together everyone, work together.

well ZHRN01 might have a Combined roars of 1998 Godzilla, and Destroyah. so hear this

Also Vogasaurus and H4XZ1LL4 has a roars of 1998 GODZILLLA.

Comment if you heard this.

You're fail and failing

2017-01-05 20:11:39 by omithealien

What Fave Bugs?!? That's an EPIC FAIL!!!

VICTORY!!! FOR FIERCE!!!! Yup it's the 10th anniversary. Comment me if you can :)

Well this song has a hardcore rock mix of GODZILLA (1998), Megaman X5, and Scott pilgrim vs the world: The Game.