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The new song is here listen this.

Yup The Core Room/Core overheat/EVACUATE!! has a hardcore rock version of metroid prime and Super smash bros. brawl. But Calicrazedbeats will add a sound on the second part and thrid part of the song of The Core Room/Core Overheat/OVERHEAT!!

Parts of the songs are in order

I. The Core Room (

II. Core Overheat (


Yep i think it's coming. Because the teaser trailer of ZHRN01: The criminal virus teaser trailer is about to release.

5 companies to have a promotional material for ZHRN01: The Criminal virus (1998)

1. Pizza hut

2. Mtn. Dew

3. Doritos

4. Powerade

5. Doge Ram


First Teaser poster released

2016-11-16 19:25:09 by omithealien

Ok I made a first teaser poster for ZHRN01: The Criminal virus (1998)



2016-11-14 21:28:33 by omithealien

DMCA Blammed all those songs that are not belong because of copyright issuses.

Well this film is still comming but first is a Virus kaiju film which is called ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998)

Comming soon.

Please comment me if you can.

Yep Calicrazed does haveSFX

2016-11-14 20:54:31 by omithealien

Oh... Calicrazed beats has SFX so i think those sounds would upload on newgrounds so that's for the film.

So listen here.

Should be a hardcore rock version of Fierce's theme?

2016-11-09 12:50:51 by omithealien

Well fierce's theme should be inspired by One winged angel theme with a hardcore mix of Godzilla Theme (2014), and Unfolded revenge from mother 3. I would be epic and awesome.

Ok Fierce The Bandit and Fierce's origin has the combined roars of Legendary Godzilla, Legendary King Ghidorah, and Fake Groundon but sounds like palkia from Pokemon films and Super smash bros brawl.

Space Fierce The Bandit has a combined roars of Space Godzilla, Orga (JP), and King Ghidorah.

Dark Fierce has a combined roars of Giratina, destroyah, and Chandelure.


2 New storyboard intestifies

2016-11-06 18:37:18 by omithealien

Yeah 2 new storyboards are here. Uh-oh looks like fierce is going to devour tita gasman.

Fierce The Bandit belongs to fiercethebandit.


2016-11-06 11:57:02 by omithealien

Doh, Doh, DOH!

FierceTheBandit and Boxheadpaint got blocked on Tumblr.

I want to be friends and be nice to her.