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i am not the creepy stalker

2017-05-04 23:28:13 by omithealien

Well i would be friends so i am not a creepy stalker. So i don't like stealing art. Now we have allies of NewGrounds,

FierceTempest92, ScepterDPinnoy, Calicrazedbeats, and GamerRaven.


Happy Pico Day!

2017-04-30 10:36:46 by omithealien

At last Pico Day is finally here today. We Celebrate Pico. So enjoy pico day everyone.

Case solved!

2017-04-23 19:13:00 by omithealien

This alien species is called Anti-Human which is classifed. Whatever that anti-humans are aliens that came from outer space. But the're extremely deadly so watch out it's deadly.

So check out the brand new Fourm.

OH NO! ZHRN01 Stole fiercetempest92's Crash bandicooot Pixel art and then he made his games on Google Store but it's your turn to stop ZHRN01 from stealing. Now Stop that art theft now!………

Another short film is coming soon while ZHRN01: The Criminal virus (1998) Teaser trailer is still in progress.

Also Madness: Accidental Nuked (1998 Short film) is coming soon.

So Keep it up guys, keep it up.

Ok folks this trailer is still in progress but the second teaser webcomic is coming soon so stay tuned for more updates.

Have you liked NGNN?

2017-04-10 00:27:00 by omithealien

If you really liked NGNN so join us in NGNN fourms.


Aw Bummer!

2017-04-09 17:44:10 by omithealien

1 more like left for Trancendance on Facebook?!? How could it possibly be?

The second teaser webocmic of ZHRN01: The Criminal virus (1998) Is coming soon. Be sure to coment.

Nuclear Carnage: Maximum DNA Combat coming to 1994 (Plus 23 years)

2017-03-24 00:40:42 by omithealien

ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998) Teaser webcomic is now released. Now a Promotional material to NR:MDNAC (1994). Nuclear Carnage: Maximum DNA Combat is comining to 1994 (Plus 23 years). So demo is about to come so stay tuned for more details.