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Posted by omithealien - April 24th, 2019

There are lines of the shaman that i created with google translate. Since i made a voice demo for the upcoming animation, Dedmos final.fla


Naibu no kemono, deimosu wa Nebada, idainaru yūrei no ryū no kemono ni henshin shinakereba narimasen.

Translated version: Will the beast within, Deimos must be transformed into the beast of Nevada, The Great Ghost dragon.

hear this. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/859709


Posted by omithealien - March 22nd, 2019

These songs are some kind of 1990s and 2000 goa trance music and 1990s and 2000 goa ambient music or inspired by Ecco (Sega CD, 1993)/Ecco II: Tides of time (Sega CD, 1994)/Ecco defender of the future (Dreamcast, 2000)

  1. The birth of Ursula the sea dragon - @Cheshyre
  2. Ediacaran period - Coolbreeze88
  3. Paleozoic Oceans - Coolbreeze88
  4. Permian dragon's theme - @Cheshyre
  5. End of Permian arrives (inspired by the main theme of Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II) - @Cheshyre
  6. The Age of marine dinosaurus - @Cheshyre
  7. The end of mezoic period - @Cheshyre
  8. The seas of ice age (The Leviathan) - Coolbreeze88
  9. Ursula the sea dragon's theme (Heavily inspired by Ecco the dolphin main theme (sega CD version) - CoolBreeze88
  10. Aloo in peril - @Cheshyre
  11. Through the great barrier reef - Coolbreeze88
  12. into The Temple of Mu - @Cheshyre
  13. Manda's theme - @Cheshyre
  14. The new adventure (Ursula the manda travels to Atlantis) - @Cheshyre
  15. The Day before (Reused for Larry goose's pearl harbor scenes and intermission scenes. Also reused for the 1st half malice boomer discovers the DNA of Rahinosaurus anti-human scene.) - @Cheshyre
  16. Bart Simpson attacks - @Cheshyre
  17. Atlantis -Taucher (Dangers of the Deep scene)
  18. Nuclear Mutation (Reused for Malice Boomer's Laboratory scenes and the second half of Malice boomer
  19. discovers the DNA of Rahinosaurus anti-human scene) - @Cheshyre
  20. Science of the seas (Rahinosaurus anti-human blood comparison segment and other science facts segments) - Coolbreeze88
  21. Atlantean journey (pre- May 30th, 1993) - Coolbreeze88
  22. Atlantean castle - Coolbreeze88
  23. Honor among sea dragon - @Cheshyre
  24. After the honor of the sea dragon - Coolbreeze88
  25. Festival of the sea dragon - @Cheshyre
  26. The Ones you love - Rick astley
  27. The summoning of Primal kyogyre/Primal kygore sets off to Atlantis -@ cheshyre
  28. The sea of dreams (Used for first half of Ursula's dream) - Coolbreeze88
  29. Dark Ursula the sea dragon's theme/Fierce's Origin's theme - @Cheshyre
  30. Definance for Madness - @Ernestogod (reused when the Battle for Ursula's dream begins.)
  31. Mechagodzilla's theme (Heisei version) - @Cheshyre
  32. Black dragon Kaiju vs Mechagodzilla - @Cheshyre
  33. Clown song of death - Cheshyre (reused for the second half of Battle for Ursula's dream.)
  34. Abduction - eat static (Used for the second half of Ursula's dream)
  35. The reef of dreams - Coolbreeze88
  36. Eclipse's theme - Coolbreeze88
  37. Ursula's plan - @Cheshyre
  38. Dimentia's throne room/Dimentia's theme - @Cheshyre
  39. Meanwhile in the remote secret planet - Coolbreeze88
  40. Primal kyogre arrives to Atlantis/Journey to the pacific ocean - @Cheshyre
  41. Jump they say - David Bowie
  42. Resting in the Pacific Ocean/Inside kratos' body - Coolbreeze88
  43. Kratos' theme - @Cheshyre
  44. Bandatos' theme - @Cheshyre
  45. Hydrogen searches for Ursula the sea dragon - @Cheshyre
  46. Taro the feral boy of the Kanto safari zone - Coolbreeze88
  47. Ether Ocean (A.K.A Brinaria's theme) - Coolbreeze88
  48. Fight or Flight - Cheshyre (Reused for the second journey to the pacific ocean scene and preparing for battle for Atlantis scene)
  49. Snoof's theme - @Cheshyre
  50. Clash of the Clans (Atlanteans VS Larry Goose's military) - @Ernestogod
  51. Ursula the sea dragon vs Larry goose - @Cheshyre
  52. Ursula obtains the first piece of the heart of the seas - Coolbreeze88
  53. Ecco's theme (From Ecco the dolphin (SEGA CD)
  54. Attack on Larry goose's Pearl Harbor/Destruction of Larry goose's pearl harbor - @AiltonNeto
  55. Sea sparkles - Coolbreeze88
  56. Jaiminigura's theme/Suicune's theme - @Cheshyre
  57. Battle for sea of hoenn - @Cheshyre
  58. Victory for Atlantis - @Cheshyre


Posted by omithealien - December 8th, 2018

Oh yeah i created a first preview for the upcoming video, Macromedia's shaman king: Reincarnation I: The Boy who dances with ghosts (1998). Having 3 Episode on VHS and DVD.

Although this direct to video series is based on a short story on DeviantArt and Scholastic action magazine and the now upcoming Manga, Shaman king: Vol. 1 (1998).

Stay tuned for more details.

Posted by omithealien - November 22nd, 2018

Now the second teaser short film is still in development very well but the first episode of Macromedia's shaman king is coming soon. Though the whole series were completely dialogue free like madness combat series did and this plot is the same as Shaman king anime but inspired by Shaman King anime but poorly animated.

Posted by omithealien - November 22nd, 2018

Oh yeah i got a garbage whistle again.


Posted by omithealien - November 21st, 2018

Uh-oh Pornographic movies and games were gone bad which is contained malware that can damage your system or data. Make shure you can blam malicious pornographic movies and games.


Posted by omithealien - November 7th, 2018

Finally i got a garbage whistle. Now the second teaser short film is coming soon but the Macromedia version of Shaman king intro is coming it's way. Stay tuned for more details.

Posted by omithealien - October 30th, 2018

Hooray! First Teaser short film is finally released! I DID IT! I win! Now the second teaser short film is coming to Newgrounds. The second teaser short film of Ursula the guardian of the Oceans (1993 film) is Undercover. Stay tuned for more details.

Posted by omithealien - October 19th, 2018

Now the teaser short film is now in production. I was creating a short film alone, being one man team like Mystman12 did. But i love the Use of SFX from homstar runner and Baldi's basics in education and learing and i really love the use of Music from Baldi's basics in education and learing, and Madness series.


Posted by omithealien - October 12th, 2018

Hooray! The Final teaser Trailer is Approved and released! WE DID IT! And now it's time to make a teaser short film, Ursula The Guardian of the Oceans: Teaser short film (1993).

Watch the thrid teaser trailer here.