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Ok So ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus film is still in development. Ursula The Guardian of the Oceans novel is coming soon. Be sure to coment because the film is still in development.

we need help to make a coustom roars to kaiju for ZHRN01: The Criminal virus.

So there are 250 humans infected by corruption (infectoid) in Kentucky.

So read this here on NGNN.


2017-02-15 16:16:47 by omithealien

ZHRN01 and GXRN01 attacked one of those accounts of Tumblr and DA and then one of those pictures were ripped off and uploaded badly on DA. But the Deviants reported to a Criminal virus to ban him and then the deviation got reported and deleted because of copyright claim and copyright infringement. FBI agent claimed that ZHRN01 was an art theft so he could hijack one of those DA accounts.

This image was shown that Jose Quiroz uploaded that image that ZHRN01 and GXRN01 copied one of those drawings.

Is ZHRN01 and GXRN01 is a myth? or busted?

At last it's valentines day so... Do the MLG!!

News article released!

2017-02-13 14:25:04 by omithealien

Ok so i made a news article so read this on NGNN.

Ok so newgrounds news network is finally here so go to this fourm here so This teaser podcast will be broadcasted in 92.5 Fox news radio.

Looking for CGI animators

2017-02-04 15:02:02 by omithealien

Ok so let's turn 2D Concept art into a ReBoot (1994 Television series) Style CGI animation so were looking for CGI animators for ZHNR01: The Criminal virus (1998). And this one's trailer for theaters which is called ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus (1998) Teaser Trailer. And this one's short film is called Madness: Accidental nuked!.

Trailer still coming?

2017-02-04 14:12:44 by omithealien

So keep it up folks. So the trailer is still coming to theaters and newgrounds.

Look's like we're waiting the trailer to be released to theaters and Newgrounds.

And now... The Guest appearance, Zakorr and Godzilla.

And now the videogame announcement.

ZHRN01: The Criminal Virus: The Game (1998) Is coming to PS1, PSVitia, PS4, and PC/MAC in 1998 (Plus 20 years). Be sure to comment.